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Driveway Gate Openers

By November 4, 2016Uncategorized
Driveway Gate Openers

Driveway Gate Openers

Driveway gate openers can let in who you want and keep out who you don’t. Gates are the easiest way to monitor who is coming in and out of your property. Having a lot of property can come with a lot of problems because you can’t monitor every inch of your property without a lot of security cameras, which equals a huge expense you didn’t expect. But with a gate at the main entrance of your property, you can ensure you have the front covered. No one will be able to get in unless you want them to. They will have to have their own unique PIN that they punch into the gate keypad when they first arrive.

You can also monitor your gate while you’re away by scheduling access timeframes and receiving notifications when someone needs entrance through the gate. There is also a emergency feature you can use if you want to lock everyone out of the property. You can give your family and friends their own unique PIN that they’ll have to use when they get to the gate, you’ll then know who is on the property.

When you want to access your gate, you can either punch in your PIN or you can enter it into your smartphone through the app TrackPIN will provide you when your keypad is installed. This alleviates the need to roll down the window if it’s cold out. You simply park in front of the gate and access the app to let you through. Home automation is moving in a direction which will allow us to keep our home and family safe even when we can’t be there. There is no better time to update your home with home automation features that allow you keep track of what is happening in your home. Call TrackPIN today to get started on your way towards an automated home.

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