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Garage Door Remote Control

By September 28, 2016Uncategorized
Garage Door Remote Control

Garage Door Remote Control

Garage door remote controls are a thing of the past. Now with TrackPIN you can access your garage door from your smartphone. TrackPIN provides their customers with a free app they can download to their phone and immediately set up different users and PIN’s to individualize who is coming and going through the garage. You are also able to customize when the PIN’s work and when they are disabled. If you have a certain time that someone needs to come to your house to get something they may have forgotten and they don’t get there and use their PIN within the certain time frame, the PIN will disable and they won’t be able to get in your house.

You can also set up a temporary PIN for delivery drivers; this ensures your packages are safe in your garage and not sitting on your front porch when they can be stolen. You can set how high you want the garage door to open so the delivery driver and easily tuck your packages under the garage door without having it open all the way.

The installation of your TrackPIN system can be installed in 30 minutes and the website provides a step-by-step instructional video to assist you. The installation kit comes with everything you need to hook the system up to your existing internet. TrackPIN has made it easy for homeowners to install their system with ease, instead of having many components that you have to install that will take an enormous amount of time. TrackPIN is a great way to provide or deny access to your guest at anytime. If you want the best security for your home, you’ll want the garage door system that TrackPIN provides. It will alleviate so much worry, that you’ll be able to focus on things that really matter.

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