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Garage Door Remote Replacement

By October 6, 2016Uncategorized
Garage Door Remote Replacement

Garage Door Remote Replacement

It’s time for a garage door remote replacement; there’s new technology to will help keep your home more secure. TrackPIN offers a solution on how to monitor who uses their PIN number to enter your garage. By installing a TrackPIN keypad and downloading the app, you can now see who is coming through your garage, what time they entered, and if they remembered to close the garage. Being at work all day while your home sits unprotected can weigh heavily on homeowners. If you have a way to monitor what’s going on at your house, you can ensure it’s safety.

In a rush, homeowners can sometimes leave their garage door open. If you have the app from TrackPIN on your phone, you can now check to make sure the garage door is closed. When your garage door is left open all day, you are a target for theft. If the door to your house is unlocked and the garage door is open, anyone can enter your home anytime you’re gone and can take whatever they want and you won’t know until you get home. This can also put other family member’s lives in jeopardy if they are home and the garage door is left open.

Safety and privacy are always a homeowner’s number one concern. We want to make sure our possessions and our family are safe when we aren’t in the home. Especially if we want to go on vacation and we don’t have anyone to watch our house, we want to make sure the house is safe while leaving it for an extended period of time. TrackPIN can provide any homeowner with the solution they’ve needed for their own peace of mind. Installing a keypad from TrackPIN for easy access to your garage door is the best way to ensure your home is well guarded against potential theft.

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