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Lock-Out Features for Emergencies

By December 23, 2016Uncategorized
Lock-Out Features for Emergencies

Lock-Out Features for Emergencies

Say you’ve left the house for a vacation and you think you forgot to close the garage, with TrackPIN’s lockout feature you’ll be in control and can instantly close your garage from anywhere and lock out anyone you’ve given access to but don’t feel comfortable with them having access while you’re away. TrackPIN is the solution for any homeowner who wants to monitor their home from anywhere. We all want the added peace of mind that can be provided by being able to see what’s happening at your home all from your smartphone.

TrackPIN’s groundbreaking app allows you to monitor everything from the convenience of your phone. The app will send you notifications when a PIN is used to enter the garage, when a PIN is entered incorrectly, or when a temporary PIN was used for a delivery. Also, the app lets you set a temporary PIN that will allow someone that doesn’t normally have access to the garage to be able to open it. And once the door is closed using the same PIN, the temporary PIN will completely disable, leaving them with no further access to the garage or your home.

There are so many alternatives to making your home secure when you’re not there. With theft and robbery so prevalent, we often feel like we are defending our homes instead of enjoying the security of them. Our family is what matters and we have to give them the comfort they need in order to feel safe. TrackPIN offers a solution like no other and can be all you need to make sure your home is safe and secure at all times. Make the best decision for the safety of your home and possessions and install a TrackPIN garage door keypad and system to keep everything you love safe. The installation is easy and takes less than half an hour and all you need is a screwdriver. TrackPIN has made it possible for homeowners to install their system without it taking all day to do it.

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