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Major Delivery Companies

By January 25, 2017Uncategorized
Major Delivery Companies

Major Delivery Companies

Stop theft and missed deliveries when you connect your garage keypad and door to major delivery companies. TrackPIN is making it possible for homeowners to have added peace of mind by using their unprecedented keypad which allows the homeowner to set temporary PIN for the delivery company to use to put packages under the garage door and then close the garage. This way, no one has to be home in order to retrieve the packages off the porch and the PIN disables once the packages are tucked away safely in the garage.

The TrackPIN App is the reason all of this is possible, which is also saving the homeowner thousands of dollars in unrecovered losses they’ve incurred by theft. Delivery companies don’t worry about what happens to your package after it’s delivered. They just want to drop off the package and move on to the next delivery. If they have to take an extra step and ensure your package doesn’t get stolen then they know you are serious about the job they do. Theft is always a problem around Christmas and now it doesn’t have to be. You can make sure the presents you’ve ordered are delivered securely.

Most delivery companies want to make sure you’re getting your packages and now they can. Having your packages conveniently placed in your garage and waiting for you when you get home can help you rest easy and trust they won’t be taken from your home. TrackPIN has thought of everything to help homeowners provide more security for their homes, even when they aren’t there. There are so many home security solutions that can be implemented for homeowners to make sure they aren’t being taken advantage of. It’s a simple as logging on to TrackPIN and getting the information you need to make the best decision for your family and your home security.

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