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Manage Access from Anywhere

By November 17, 2016Uncategorized
Manage Access from Anywhere

Manage Access from Anywhere

Have you ever been away from your home for an extended amount of time? What about being so far away that you can’t give access for anyone to check on your home because you didn’t think about before you left? With TrackPIN you’re able to manage access to your garage door and gate from anywhere. TrackPIN provides an exceptional solution for homeowners to give and deny access to their garage door all from the TrackPIN App that’s installed on their smartphone.

If you’re expecting a delivery and you know you aren’t going to be home at the time the package is being delivered, you can set up a temporary PIN to let the delivery driver into the garage safely, without giving the driver too much access to be able to fully enter the garage door. Since the PIN is temporary, once the delivery driver uses the PIN, the number will be disabled so they aren’t able to enter the garage again.

Trusting your children with a key to your house can make a parent on edge. Parents worry that the kids are going to lose the key and not be able to get in the house when they get home from school. Most parents work outside of the home and are not able to pick up their kids from school or let them in the house when they get out of school. With the TrackPIN keypad, parents no longer have to worry if their kids got home safely from school. The TrackPIN App will let them know that their children are using their individual PIN and they’ve opened and closed the garage. Now parents can keep tabs on their kids without having to call or text them and make sure they’ve made it safely into the house. TrackPIN provides a homeowners with everything they need to ensure the safety of their homes.

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